Used Equipment

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Hillcreek Fiber Studio Large Spriggs Triangle Loom with Stand and 4 shed sticks (current retail over $600 plus shipping). Extremely good condition. Idea: The frame stand can double as a stand for your warping board. $275.



Majacraft Rose Spinning wheel with Lazy Kate, carry bag, 6 bobbins, plying flier, oil, additional whorl – Current retail value of nearly $1600. Only $885.


Patrick Green Drum Carder with cleaning brush and doffer. $575. Also available, burnishing tool, $30.







Gorgeous Schacht Reeves Cherry Saxony 30″ Production Wheel. This wheel has been dusted more than it has been used. In other words, it is in PERFECT condition. The cherry wood has mellowed with age and it glows. Comes with original Lazy Kate and four bobbins. Asking $1450.  Sorry, not willing to ship, but will be traveling around the midwest and south/southeast over the next couple months and could arrange a meet up. For all specifications, visit the Schacht website at this link.





Louet Spring 90 (35.5″) with 10 dent reed and 8 shafts. Brand new at a used price. This loom was never, ever fully assembled before it arrived at the shop. It has not seen even one warp. The owner had a major change in her life and wasn’t able to use it. Her loss is your gain.  Details of the Spring loom can be found on Louet’s website here. $3995.











Leclerc Dorothy in very good used condition. 15 3/4 inch with 12 dent reed, 4 shafts.  Great workshop and sampling loom. $250.




Modern Wool Wheel (Walking Wheel)(Great Wheel)


Purchased new about 10 years ago, this wheel has seen very little use. It is a dream to spin on (especially compared to most antique great wheels!). Owner moved to Australia and couldn’t take it with her. $600 OBO.



  Harrisville 22-inch Workshop Loom

This is an older model that has been updated with new harness cords (they are no longer leather and are rubberized cabled wire) and has been “tuned up” and cleaned up by Joan. It comes with one reed. It is a direct tie up, so has four treadles. Good starter loom for weaving light weight fabrics such as towels, yardage, etc.  $250.

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