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10 Things

10 Things You May Not Know About Heritage

  1. We have a “little library.” Bring a book, take a book. When too many books gather, we sort and donate the overflow to the local “big” library.
  2. Our self-serve honor-system water/soda/coffee program has been priced at just $1 each for 18 years and is now the primary source of funding for Knit Michigan overhead. All product is donated. We can always use donations of bottled water, soda and K-cups. Since Knit Michigan is a charitable organization, your donation is tax deductible (but check with your tax adviser). 
  3. When we take your special order, we put the request in the “Purple Man.” The purple man is a cell phone holder that my daughter gave me about the time the store opened. Kinda sentimental now. She was 7 then and 25 now. And, we were using “candy bar” cell phones then!
  4. Most of our employees are volunteers. Sharlene and Su have been with Heritage the longest, more than 16 years each.
  5. Suzanne has been knitting the longest of any of the staff–for 68 years, but she has been crocheting even longer. After doing the numbers she said, “I feel old!” After taking a poll of our staff, I find that together we have over 700 years of knitting experience. Is that not amazing? No wonder we are known for creating skilled knitters.
  6. Clara and Deb H have been weaving the longest, a cumulative 72 years. By comparison, I didn’t learn to weave until the year before I opened the shop, a mere 19 years.
  7. Our Knitting Boot Camp curriculum was created in 2006 and is held in yarn shops around the country as well as in our shop every year.
  8. We are a destination yarn shop. In the last year we have had visitors from as far away as Nepal, Norway and Holland, not to mention many, many states. Even though our customers move away, we still maintain contact with many of them and send them care packages of yarn and emails with advice.
  9. Heritage has the best selection of Shetland and Norwegian yarns in the state and, perhaps, the Midwest with patterns and pattern books to support them, some of which are only available from us in the US.
  10. We have 74 original patterns listed on Ravelry. For many of the patterns we have kits available in the store. Our “My First” patterns are used by many yarn shops to teach new knitters and introduce cables and Fair Isle knitting. With at least a dozen more knitting and weaving patterns “in the kitchen,” our offerings are expanding monthly.