Heritage Spinning & Weaving
Downtown Lake Orion


It’s done!

Now, is that a smile of satisfaction or what???

After working on this project for two years, Becca threw her last shuttle today and cut it off the loom. “It” is a coverlet woven following the pattern in “Weaving a Traditional Coverlet” by Helen Jarvis. She used 10/2 and 20/2 mercized cotton as the ground and Jaggerspun Maine Line as the pattern. When she took it off the loom she said, “No wonder it took so long, it’s BIG.” And, it is as the photo below shows and only two of the three panels are visible (it should fit a queen size bed if our calculations were correct!). Her next task is to secure her ends, wet finish it and then seam the three pieces together. Good thing she doesn’t mind tedious work!

From all of us who have cheered on her work, we send out a huge round of applause and big congratulations for her accomplishment.

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