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Welcome, Baby Luke!

Over the weekend, I joined the club. The Grandma Club! It is a wonderful club, too. Great cuddles, much more relaxing than parenthood (not my problem . . . dirty diapers . . . 2 a.m. feedings . . . ) and just generally pretty cool. It is also very nice to see your child as a parent. Even better to know that he’ll do just fine.

Peter called us on Friday and said they were going to the hospital on Saturday morning to induce labor because the baby was growing quite big. I was teaching Saturday morning so knew I couldn’t leave right away, plus we had the 7th anniversary sale going on, so Mariah and I finally left about 1:30 p.m. Michigan time bound for the far side of Chicago. Turns out we got there simultaneous to his birth and was in the waiting room when Peter came out to announce the birth. We saw Luke a bit later and Jeannine shortly there after. The photo above shows Luke less than 2 hours old.

Did I mention very cute?

Welcome, Luke!

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