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The Continuing Sock Saga

I feel like people who don’t “get” knitting are screaming at me “get a life!” I have spent so much time knitting, ripping, starting over and just plain trying to understand this particular sock construction. Some people have crossword puzzles, I apparently have this sock puzzle.

This week’s problem (that’s the “sock” on the right) arose in how long to knit before turning the heel. First time out the shoot, I did two things wrong. First, I used a gauge obtained on double point needles and knit using circular needles and, secondly, I followed the pictures and not the words in the pattern book. I swear that Cat Bordhi knit more than two inches before beginning the instep increases based on the photos, so that’s what I did. Both mistakes doomed me to a huge piece of knitting that won’t fit anybody. Did I mention there was a third mistake? I used a very pretty lace pattern on dark, multi colored yarn. I thought you’d be able to see the pattern, but you can’t.

So, where am I now. Following the pattern’s words. Doing a cable instead of lace. Using a gauge obtained by knitting on circs. What’s the next problem? I decided that the two inches was measured from the end of the toe. Nope. Wrong guess. It is measured after the toe is worked. So, now my sock is too short. Tough! I added an inch and continued on. I just couldn’t bear to tear out again. Now that I’m past the heel turn, I tried them on and they fit just fine. In defense of the book, I think the words really reflect a traditional decreased toe and I am using the garter stitch toe because I think it will fit my foot better.

The upside? I’m close to having a pattern that will work for me. I’m almost there. The next sock post will have a photo of the finished product on my foot. Promise!

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