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My Mom-the-Sock-Machine strikes again

I don’t have to be told that I have the best parents in the world (but I may be a little prejudiced!). Mom’s been at it again . . . in addition to sending us two new socks samples for the shop (Jawohl and Araucania), she also sent socks for two (obviously) special people. The first was for Becca, who is an honorary Sheridan grandchild. They are Becca’s first hand-made socks and she fell in love with them immediately. This is an Opal yarn.

The second pair of socks went to Dan-the-UPS-man. He has earned them by carrying many, many very heavy boxes for us for years. While he cannot wear them with his shorts (no UPS logo!), he can wear them in the winter – and hunting! These socks felt sooooo good. They are knit from Crystal Palace Panda Soy. Oh my gosh! I don’t think I’ve ever felt such cushy socks. And, the stitches were even and the fabric was simply gorgeous. I think I might need a pair for me!

On another topic, each week customers come in and share their work with us. One of these days I will get a gallery up on the website, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share this shot with you. It is Michelle’s original skirt design knit from Hempathy. The more garments I see knit from this yarn, the more I like it. This is a special skirt because it represents a real leap in learning. Months ago Michelle came in looking for a skirt pattern. We couldn’t find her one that matched the image in her head so she decided to tackle the problem herself. She’s knit the Louet Euroflax skirt, so she understood the garment construction and had an idea of how to approach “the problem.” Armed with a stitch dictionary, she came up with this. I’m really proud of her!

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