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Speaking of Spinning

I started to write this post as an article in our weekly newsletter, but it got a little long and I didn’t want to cut it . . . so, here it is:

Book Review: Start Spinning
Author: Maggie Casey

I’ve admired Maggie Casey since I first set step in her store seval years ago. Her shop is Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins (but the just call it Shuttles) in Boulder, Colorado. Then I met her again at SOAR and I felt a kinship with her. Maggie is smart and kind and so gentle with everyone. She just makes you want to perform! Well, when Heritage grows up I want it to be like Shuttles – comprehensive, full of community, lots of great books, and a place you just want to stay and browse and shop forever!

Start Spinning  just reaffirms all those feelings. What Annie (our Learn to Spin instructor) and I have been teaching in our classes, Maggie has captured perfectly in her book. Almost without exception our methods are the same. I just finished reading the book cover-to-cover, including the Appendices. A quick read, but just perfect for the learning and new spinner. I must admit – I learned a few things, too.

Maggie’s book belongs in every spinner’s library. Of special note is the troubleshooting section. Sometimes we need a little reminder of how to fix our yarn and you’ll find guidance here for doing just that. Fixing your yarn.

The book includes superb descriptions of worsted versus woolen, how to spin the long draw (without hurting your body), wheel maintenance and lots more. The photos are great – they show each step of each process. We’ll be switching to this book as our sole (soul!) text for our Learn to Spin class.

An afterward: once in a while when I am writing our weekly newsletter I treat myself to breakfast down the street at CJ’s. A change of scenery, if you will. This was one of those weeks. I settled in with comfort food, a bottom-less glass of iced-tea and an old-fashioned pen and legal pad. Quite comforting all around, actually (except that my hand cramps because I am more used to typing than writing!). At any rate, I enjoy sitting there and writing and as I looked through Start Spinning again to write the review and thought about both spinning and Maggie, I couldn’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy. Well, imagine my surprise when later that day back at the shop Shar handed me the phone saying, “It’s Maggie Casey.” Wow! Talk about weird. Well, Maggie asked me if I would be willing to run for her soon-to-expire seat on the Spinning & Weaving Association board of directors. I consider it a very high compliment to be asked and wondered if maybe one of these days I really will grow up. . . . nahhh!

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