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Weaving Accessories and Yarn

We carry products from Louet,  Schacht Spindle Company, and Ashford. We also order from Kromski, Harrisville and Leclerc. We have just about everything you need to weave in stock and ready for pick up or shipping.

A wide variety of weaving yarns are always on the shelf – just looking at those shelves is inspirational! Basic workhorse yarns are UKI 3/2, 5/2, 10/2, and 20/2 Perle Cotton in an incredible color range, rayon chenille in a variety of colors (including space dyed), 8/2 unmercerized cotton, cotton from New World Textiles, Jaggerspun wool, wool and exotics from Henry’s Attic, several weights of linen in natural, white, and colors, silk, cottolin, and rug warp. Additionally, we periodically take advantage of mill-end offerings and pass the savings on to you!

Wind-offs are available on UKI perle cotton and all the Jaggerspun yarns. We allow wind-offs only onto a spool or bobbin which you may provide or purchase from us. Minimum wind-off is 1 ounce of any one yarn.

We can also special order many different yarns for you, so don’t hesitate to ask for what you don’t see!

A Sampling of Our Weaving Tools


boat shuttles
Boat Shuttles for fast weaving with standard weaving yarns
ski shuttles
Ski Shuttles for rug wools and rags and other heavy wefts
stick shuttles
Stick Shuttles in lengths starting at 6″, the inexpensive option for any type of weft
Other weaving equipment needs:
bobbins for boat shuttles
bobbin winders
bobbin winders, including LeClerc’s metal and Schacht’s electric
warping boards
warping boards and reels for measuring the warps that go on your loom
other weaving accessories
and all the other little tools that make weaving so much more enjoyable!


All photos are courtesy of the manufacturers.

We also have a nice selection of weaving books and project books in stock for all experience levels. Come and browse, or give us a call or email to ask about what we have available!