Spinning Books and Magazines

Books aren’t a replacement for a hands-on mentor, but they sure do help. There aren’t as many spinning books available compared to knitting, for instance. It is not a top selling topic in the publishing world for some reason! Though the shelf space needed to store them is small, there are plenty of spinning books to help start or continue your spinning adventure. We like to think of spinners as explorers: each fleece is different, every year. There is even variation within a fleece. A never-ending world to be explored. These are some of our favorite spinning books, but we have many more in stock.

This book is the basis for our Learn to Spin class. If you are wanting to learn to spin, this book and the accompanying video (at right) will get you off to a great start.

Spin-Off is the magazine for trends and tradition when it comes to creating yarn.

Wildfibers is the "National Geographic" of spinning magazines.

This book is targeted at intermediate to experienced level spinners and is a must-read. No matter what kind of spinner you are, you'll learn something on practically every page of this book.

A small book, but full of good information for the new spinner.

Back in print! Anne's technical approach is helpful for spinners who want to know more about the "why" of spinning.

Plus, we have a shop library that includes many old and out of print books that you are welcome to browse and read. Sorry, they cannot be removed from the store. We are putting our library on line at aNobii. Joining is simple, then search under friends for joan@heritagespinning.com. You’ll see all the books we currently have listed. The list is continually expanding. Joan is definitly a biblio-fanatic.

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