Heritage Spinning & Weaving
Downtown Lake Orion


The rest of the story

The finished piece. It really is incredible how much it changed when it was washed and pressed.

The card weaving I wrote about last post is finished. It was mailed an received and this is the feedback from Arnhild, “I now have the prettiest key chain I have ever seen.” I’d have to add, that there probably aren’t many keychain fobs that have the hours dedicated to it that that one did. The next will be easier – and maybe even work for a watchband.

Facebook readers wanted to know what loom I used. One of my staff said that I should show you the “back end” of the loom.

Here’s the loom:

The loom dad and I engineered. We think it looks like a Viking ship.

And here’s a better photo of the back end of it:

The threads from each card had to be weighted separately. Bolts were more affordable than fishing weights. I don't think they worked better.