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Second Chance is Stocked to Overflowing

scn_1We all love a deal! Items in our Second Chance Nook have been pre-owned and loved, but have lots of life remaining. Yarn usually is in full skeins that are brand-new. Sometimes the same is true of the wheels and looms that we get in. More often, tho’, the equipment has been gently used and  just needs a new home. The reason things end up in Second Chance is most often that someone is retiring or downsizing. Sometimes it is because someone just got the cleaning bug or became disinterested in a fiber hobby. Life happens and sometimes things have to go. Well, you can benefit. Our last big influx brought over 5,000 skeins and cones of yarn. So many that we had to build new shelves to hold it all!

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Heritage: Your one stop shop for Shetland and Norwegian yarns!


Our selection of Norwegian yarns has expanded! We now have Tumi, a fingering weight alpaca/wool blend that is scrumptious. It will substitute in patters calling for Finullgarn or Spindrift. It is the yarn specified in the current issue of Interweave Knits for the Endless Rose Cowl (which will be a shop sample very soon).

Did you know that we carry the ENTIRE line of Jamieson’s Spindrift–you will find color cards at the link at the top of this page and you will find one to purchase in the Fair Isle knitting book section. fairisleflowerWe also have Jamieson’s Ultra Lace and their authentic Shetland cobweb yarn.

We carry Rauma Norwegian yarns for sweater and accessory knitting and for weaving, specifically: Strikkegarn, Finullgarn, Prydvevgarn, Tumi, Mitu and a bit of PT5 Sport and Pandora Cotton. Be sure to visit the pattern and book pages to view patterns straight from Norway in both traditional and modern designs.


selbu8Join Joan and Arnhild on Tour in Norway in 2016

There is no bigger travel treat than being introduced to a country by a native. While this is not a trip especially for knitters, there will be a knitting component to the trip. Take optional classes on board the ship during our three day cruise in a coastal steamer, knit a commemorative hat, and visit Rauma, the manufacturer of the Norwegian knitting yarns we carry in the store. Norway is a land of dramatic vistas, incredible artists and … trolls! Click here to learn more. The dates: June 25 through July 9.

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