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2018 Summer Sale and Second Chance Extravaganza


Run don’t walk to our best summer sale ever. We’ve got first time around product marked at irresistible prices–click here for a list. If you are a spinner, knitter, crocheter or weaver, there’s fiber fun and some really great prices. Of special note to weavers, all our UKI Supreme 10/2 mercerized cotton and 8/2 unmercerized cotton is on sale (by the full cone only) at 30% off. It won’t last long, so hot foot it down for best selection.

In the Second Chance Nook (our previously loved fibers and equipment), we have mounds and mounds of roving, a small selection of coned yarns, lots of sock yarn and plenty of choices of yarns in sweater quantities. There’s a nice selection of hand dyed yarns and a smattering of novelty yarns. Look for the bags of yarn that have project quantities and you will find some real treats — cashmere, alpaca and even some buffalo. Other of the “bags O’Yarn” have mixed selections and quantities that are perfect for teachers, Saori weavers, tapestry weavers and just downright creative and thrifty crocheters and knitters.

Come have fun. We will enjoy seeing you!


Your one stop shop for Shetland and Norwegian Yarns


We carry all the colors of Jamieson Spindrift yarns for Fair Isle (and other) knitting, Jamieson Ultra Lace and Jamieson cobweb in black and natural. We recently expanded our line of Shetland yarns to include a selection of J&S colors that work smoothly with Spindrift, plus almost all the colors of J&S Heritage yarns, a semi-worsted spun two-ply fingering yarn that is of slightly finer gauge than the jumper weight yarns. Perfect for hard wearing gloves and mittens when you are willing to knit on finer needles. The color cards for Spindrift can be found here.

The Rauma Norwegian yarns are going through an update. The company has transitioned to the next generation and they are updating colors and writing more modern patterns (while retaining the traditional Norwegian designs). These changes are underway. The best place to view the new colors is on their website (your web browser can translate the Norwegian to English). The website is raumaull.no. We have a broad selection of Rauma yarns: Baby Panda (a traditional baby weight machine washable wool), yarns for rug weaving including Rya, Prydvevgarn 2 ply and Aklegarn. Yarns for general hand knitting including Strikkegarn (dk), Finullgarn (fingering), Gammelserie (including some of the new colors and is great for long-wearing mittens and gloves) and Tumi which is fingering/sport weight. Patterns are beginning to show up on Ravelry using the Rauma yarns — another of the changes.

Mill Ends for Weaving

Did you know we regularly receive mill end yarns for weaving? These are typically priced at about 1/3 of normal retail and the yarns are high quality and worth your time. The only drawback is that the yarns are not repeatable, so you need to make sure to buy enough to complete your project. Yarns range from wool to linen to cotton to blends. 

We specialize in fiber education

Come learn with us!

Keep an eye on our calendar (click on the menu above) for an ever changing list of events. We specialize in making you better at your chosen craft or crafts. We have regular classes in knitting, spinning, weaving, and rug hooking. If you think you might be interested, feel free to stop in and visit a class and see what the students are doing. Of course, we always have projects on the looms and on our needles so that you can see the kinds of things you can learn and do at Heritage.